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Vehicle Air Conditioning:

Grease Monkey Mechanics offer a highly individual and personal service for all Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems. We specialise in all aspects of Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems, including inspection, maintenance and repair.

Our customers often tell us they love our thorough attention to detail and our excellent value for money.

We see hundreds of Air Conditioning Systems in a year. This helps us diagnose any problems quickly and accurately and assists efficient repairs.

Optimum performance is achieved by regular maintenance. The system is pressurised using gas just like a fridge, unlike a fridge the mobile Air Conditioning system is placed in a very hostile environment and exposed to heat and vibration from the engine.

A well maintained Air Conditioning System should remove humidity to a comfortable level. Humans feel most comfortable in a temperature of about 21C with a moisture content of about 35 to 40%, this is about the same as a warm cup of coffee.

Top Tip:

Run your air conditioning with some heat during the winter months. This will keep the heart of the system pressurised, will aid demisting and will lubricate the seals which will help prevent the gas escaping.

A well maintained Air Conditioning System will deliver purified-dehumidified-bacteria free air.

All manufacturers recommend routine Air Conditioning System maintenance.